Quality Policy

The objective of I.M.A. SHIP S.A.is to be a reputable Consulting service agency related to vessel manning, and to deliver quality services at competitive costs consequently making profit thereof. The quality objective is to deliver services which will fully meet the requirements, needs and expectations of the Principals and other interested parties, within the framework of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard, MLC 2006.

The highest quality standard will be achieved and continually approved upon by following our policy which is to:

* Create a professional and competent management team which shall always quickly respond to all client's requirements.

* Select new staff with the best combination of skills, knowledge and ability to ensure consistent standards.

I.M.A. SHIP S.A.is committed to its customers and shall actively seek critique and undertake immediate action to correct eventual defects thereof.

Written procedures and objectives will guide agency staff in all aspects of daily operations and periodical analysis will be carried out in regular Management meetings and Management reviews which will be held at least once a year.

I.M.A. SHIP S.A.shell ensure that all necessary resource are available to sustain a total commitment to quality and customer/interested party satisfaction and facilitate future growth.

Managing Director of I.M.A. SHIP S.A.is requesting that the Quality Policy be fully respected and its guidelines be strictly followed in Agency's activities.

Panama City 01.March 2011                                                  Laura Endara
                                                                                               Managing Director

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