Quality System

I.M.A SHIP S.A. Panama has developed quality system which is documented. I.M.A SHIP S.A. Panama Quality Manual and office Procedures. The quality system is established and maintained in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard.

The system ensures that all activities and operations are carried out systematically and in controlled way in accordance with policies and procedures.

I.M.A SHIP S.A. Panama Quality Manual is the basic document of Agency's quality system, it contains quality objective and policy and describes applicable regulations and routines to be followed in order to achieve the required quality.

The Procedures are describing and regulating particular actions in working process which all together make I.M.A SHIP S.A. Panama Quality System.

Quality planning will be carried out on regular Management reviews and recorded in respective files/note book. These plans will contain the review of training and audits findings during reviewed period.

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